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New York City Animation and Avoid Eye Contact Compilation DVD

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New York City is a place of constant change, invention and chaos; Avoid Eye Contact sums up these urban qualities in animated terms. Avoid Eye Contact Volume 2 continues to explore the thriving contemporary independent scene going on in New York City. Starting in the 1960s, a close-knit community has formed, fueled by small screenings, studio visits, local festivals, social events, and perhaps most consistently by the monthly events presented by Asifa-East; an intimate exchange of ideas, techniques and stories has developed.
These Artists don’t seem to follow any trends and, although savvy, are not beholden to any technology. Avoid Eye Contact Volume 2 offers a new program of acclaimed films spanning the last five years. Young animators join seasoned masters in a show that is surely to become another important part of the animation enthusiast’s library. All films are international award-winners, each with a distinct look, united only by genre and the gritty soul of New York City.